Visiting London and Chichester 2019

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Well, here I am back in England – really London is my second home… and today I visited Chichester where my Aunt Catherine lives. She is an amazing 100 years old and still has a magnificent voice (she used to teach British politicians how to speak the Queen’s English) and attitude to life. Aunt Catherine has lived a richly interesting life and once had dinner with Princess Margaret, who invited her to ‘tidy’ after the meal – the toilet was done up as a mock ‘throne’ room. She has recently published her memoirs of her ‘Life with Jack’ – her husband who was the Literary Editor of the Sunday Times newspaper – a hugely prestigious position.

I also caught up with my cousin Caroline who lives in Hambledon where the game of cricket was born. She popped down to Chichester so I knocked off two birds with one stone (apologies for the pun!).

Chichester was originally a Roman town dating from about the 3rd Century AD. Caroline and I walked along the Roman walls and around the church which was built in the 11th Century, a bonus was exploring the superb gardens of the Bishop’s Palace.

I have essentially been visiting my London grandchildren aged two and a half and eight months. Both completely adorable! I have been to swimming lessons with them, sketched London rooftops from my window, had a true English Pub Roast Sunday lunch, checked out Selfridges shop, wandered through Kensington Gardens – so green, little squirrels hopping about, sweaty Londoners running around, daisies in the lush grass and flowers blooming everywhere, discovered a great cafe – ‘Arro – The Temple of Coffee’ and visited my favourite London Art Centre – The Graphic Centre to get more of my favourite square water colour paper pads – I can’t get them in Australia – a long way to come for a shopping trip!

So far I have not visited an art gallery – rare but true! No doubt that will happen soon…. England in May – a true joy!


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