Well, here I am back in England – really London is my second home… and today I visited Chichester where my Aunt Catherine lives. She is an amazing 100 years old and still has a magnificent voice (she used to teach British politicians how to speak the Queen’s English) and attitude to life. Aunt Catherine has lived a richly interesting life and once had dinner with Princess Margaret, who invited her to ‘tidy’ after the meal – the toilet was done up as a mock ‘throne’ room. She has recently published her memoirs of her ‘Life with Jack’ – her husband who was the Literary Editor of the Sunday Times newspaper – a hugely prestigious position.

I also caught up with my cousin Caroline who lives in Hambledon where the game of cricket was born. She popped down to Chichester so I knocked off two birds with one stone (apologies for the pun!).

Chichester was originally a Roman town dating from about the 3rd Century AD. Caroline and I walked along the Roman walls and around the church which was built in the 11th Century, a bonus was exploring the superb gardens of the Bishop’s Palace.

I have essentially been visiting my London grandchildren aged two and a half and eight months. Both completely adorable! I have been to swimming lessons with them, sketched London rooftops from my window, had a true English Pub Roast Sunday lunch, checked out Selfridges shop, wandered through Kensington Gardens – so green, little squirrels hopping about, sweaty Londoners running around, daisies in the lush grass and flowers blooming everywhere, discovered a great cafe – ‘Arro – The Temple of Coffee’ and visited my favourite London Art Centre – The Graphic Centre to get more of my favourite square water colour paper pads – I can’t get them in Australia – a long way to come for a shopping trip!

So far I have not visited an art gallery – rare but true! No doubt that will happen soon…. England in May – a true joy!

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Visiting London and Chichester 2019

  1. Beautifully written Christine, alongside your very own paintings /sketches makes for a wonderful publication 😊

      1. Hi Christine
        So glad you are enjoying your family and having such amazing weather.
        I relate to so much of your writing. England and it’s incredible history seems to be so much more interesting as we age and live in such a young country by comparison.
        The pictures of flowers adorning the shops and streets make it all look so pretty.
        I just wish I had come along!
        My turn in July and you have stimulated my interest in a visit to Chichester.
        Your Aunt sound charming and I am especially interested to hear about her life.
        Will follow up when you get home.
        Safe travels and enjoy your little ones.

        1. Would love to catch up when you are back from your travels. Keep enjoying everything and thanks so much for your comments Suzy.
          Best wishes,

  2. Wonderful beginning to your trip Christine.
    England in May! A special treat 😊
    Happy trails…looking forward to your French travels!

    Kind regards
    Lynne Beclu

  3. Thank you Christine 😊
    Back in the Byron Shire now but came home with so many lovely memories of my experiences in France…and zillions of photos which may become paintings one day!
    Happy days to you 😊

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