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My studio is the principal place that I make art. Its not the only place, I love to paint outside when I can and on my travels doing sketches. Today though, we are going to my studio.

This is a place to find my muse. My studio is a bit like a comfy cave – in fact, it has a sign on the outside that says, ‘Woman Cave’, a gift from my husband (he has his own ‘Man Cave’. I have made it very comfy, there is an old sofa to snooze on and to read interesting books and magazines. The inside of the studio was designed by me, it has plenty of shelf space for my multitudes of art books, lots of powerpoints, including a heavy duty one for the dryer I use to set the thermo sensitive dye with which I screen print tea towels (on linen). There is a deep sink and storage for canvases and other large. flat items. I could easily live in my art studio!

What am I doing at the moment in this studio? Well, plenty of painting, lots of it the final part of a plein air painting, and lots of it the frustration of a work started but not going well and my attempts to resolve it. I am also working with Narelle on the next video, which will be all about the basic process of painting. The previous one, made in the art studio, on keeping a travel diary when you can’t travel is finished and is up and running on You Tube.

The studio is also a place to plan classes and other business and sometimes to hold art retreats. So, I have now planned out the classes for the second half of 2021, July to September and there will be a face to face class on Saturday 11th July on the topic of keeping a Travel/Visual Diary.

You can find the timetable and more information about the classes at this link

One of my Wednesday students, Maureen, brought one of her class works (a transcription of a work in one of Shirley Sherwood’s fabulous botanical art books), framed to show me, and it just looks marvellous! You would be surprised what you can do in a creative space – this in my other studio space at lennox Arts Collective. A transcription is essentially a copy, but is a well respected technique for students to understand how an artwork is created.

At the end of June, I’ll be in Sydney to see the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. I’ll be posting that on the blog for your interest. Always fascinating to see the work – I have had a look at the finalists, here is the link – have a look and see what you think.

What is Happening at Lennox Arts Collective?

There are some delightful paintings in the Lennox Arts Collective gallery at present, by Di Kelly, they are a lovely whimsical series on dogs – ‘Dogs of Lennox’.

Dogs of Lennox by Di Kelly

AND…….our next featured artist is Neil Matterson with his exhibition ‘The Dress‘ which starts on 24th June

‘The dress, historically, has been associated with the female body. This small collection of paintings of the mainly dressed female form references the elaborate dresses of high society of the eighteenth century with an added touch of whimsy and fantasy.

The female dress can conjure feelings of beauty, of allure, practicality, style, protection and security. In this instance security is portrayed by birds replacing the female body, seeking protection from the elements, in the folds of material that reflects the structure and security of a nest. 

In a sense the dress is also a nest for the female body’. Neil Matterson

Out of the Breeze by Neil Matterson

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  1. Julie

    Wow, so very simple, yet you have the composition so right. It’s very generous to share these classes, and as its on paper it’s not quite so daunting to have a go. Your pen and wash are lovely, thanks ladies.

    • Christine Read

      So pleased we have encouraged you to have a go! Watch out now for the more in depth classes online in a couple of weeks.

    • Christine Read

      Thanks so much Julie, we will be doing more and very much appreciate your enthusiasm!


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