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Landscape is where we all live, especially those of us lucky enough to live in the country………Here are some of my most recent landscapes, some done out in the field (en plein air).

I have also been doing a lot of sketching en plain air, which is a way I like to get the essence of a landscape and sometimes I will use that for a larger finished piece. I usually do a half hour sketch on paper with pen and wash. There are some of the recent ones in the gallery below…

One of my favourite landscape subjects is Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head, NSW which is said to be the closest freshwater lake to the ocean in the world.

The landscape around me is all important – I thrive on its effect on my emotions. A scene with water is especially compelling, but I also love the majesty of the bush even when dry and parched or ravaged by bush fire. Landscape painting in oil and acrylic is therefore an integral part of my work.


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July 10, 2020

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