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Flowers and flora for everyone right here! If a painting has been sold, I may have a print of it for you or can do a commission in a similar style. Just contact me on christinereadart@hotmail.com

Mixed media on 300gsm watercolour paper, shadow framed in black [SOLD]
Still life, Rinpa influence, graphite drawing, gouache, acrylic
Tread lightly – on the planet 1 Pencil and gold acrylic on paper, framed $250.00

Painting flowers and plants – the world of flowers is one of my loves. Many of the plants, flowers and trees in my art come from my garden. My garden is simple but inspiring and I like to create landscapes like Monet did in his house and garden. I guess that the fame of Monet’s garden has inspired me to try to capture some of the beauty of flowers and trees as he did.

I have recently been captivated by the beauty of the Japanese Rinpa style of painting and design and am gradually creating a series of images to explore this genre in a personal manner, using Australian subject matter.  The work on the side is  freehand drawn of  a eucalyptus tree that grows in my garden and then the background completed in gouache and the vase in gold acrylic. I have called this series ‘Tread lightly on the planet’ to remind us of the need to appreciate the beauty of nature, especially flowers and to limit man’s footprint.





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August 22, 2021

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