Portraits, Jewellery and Costumes in the V & A

by May 21, 20181 comment

Our final day in London was a highlight, we visited the National Gallery and the portraits at the gallery next door, the Victoria and Albert Museum and then……we travelled to beautiful Cornwall on Harry and Meghan’s wedding day!

Starting with Trafalgar Square, full of Australians as usual, a quick sketch and then plunged into the galleries, here we saw more Turners and were taken with the Dutch still life artists – such mastery of capturing the light! Then it was the portraits next door in the National Portrait Gallery – soooo fascinating with paintings and sculptures of so many celebrities, royals, soldiers, politicians and athletes – we loved the varied depictions and recognising familiar faces.

Lunch in Leicester Square, then off to the fabulous Victoria and Albert Museum – the most amazing collections – the jewellery was astonishing – so many tiaras, earnings, bracelets, the clothing too and the silverware – corridors of magnificence!

A bit hard to come down to earth after all that glitter, but we managed to get to Portobello Rd markets and have a superb Japanese meal before setting off on Saturday for the riviera of England, Cornwall and our fab lodgings in Newquay.



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  1. Jenny Grinlington

    Love it all, am envious but love gallery hopping vicariously from Lennox. Jenny


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