Painting and other joys! (May 2021 News)

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Painting seems nowadays to be my main occupation, apart from running a business, being a wife, mother and grandmother that is! Do any of you feel a bit crazy too? Luckily I have the time to be painting almost as much as I want. I get asked frequently, how do you get the time? Well, I absolutely make time. If you really want to do something, put it in your diary and prioritise it! I even put in the diary that I will go and paint out in the bush and I must do it, or I can’t cross it off as ‘done’.

Painting is important to me (and to the business I have created in art). As a younger woman I had a dream of being an artist and when I decided to transition out of my working life, I wondered if I could make it come true, so I put some of my superannuation into building a lovely studio. Painting would be my new life!

In my studio (the Woman Cave)

So, here I am down the track a bit and it’s great to be able to call myself an artist and to make a difference financially to the life I would have if I only had my super (they tell you it won’t be enough and they are right!) Anyway the whole process has been fun and I realise that my main aim (apart from painting) is to be part of a creative community and with you and my colleagues at Lennox Arts Collective, You Tube and social media, I have found it. Thank you!

I have now developed a brand identity and will soon be selling these products online (next month we’ll be up to ‘give aways’!) because Narelle and I have now achieved 100 subscribers on YouTube – we are currently producing a new video on your ‘Travel Diary – when you can’t travel’. Watch out for it on my You Tube Channel soon!

Enough digression, what have I got to tell you about this month? Let’s start with the April adventure in Sydney. As you know by now, I love going to  Sydney and travelling around the place. First off, I went to the Art Gallery of NSW to view the works in The National 2021 – New Australian Art Exhibition, which champions the diversity of contemporary art practice and where cutting edge art reigns supreme – painting definitely not boss! In the foyer is Fiona Hall’s work …..and in the main entrance the installation sculpture composed of concentric rings of carbon called ‘Regenerator” ….., enormous and fabulous works by Betty Muffler and Maringka Burton of Healing Country and then Peter Mungkuri’s large Ink and Acrylic on linen , My Country. A superb linoblock print, Seseren Aadhi 2021 by Alick Tipoti. A display I particularly loved was by Abdullah M I Syed ‘Labour of Love,’ he took decaying leaves from his mother’s money plants (a labour of love for her was tending to these plants in the absence of her four sons). The decayed leaves were photographed, printed and then mended with gold as in Japanese kintsugi and with collaged old banknotes added.

There was also an exhibition of the painting and sculptures of Margel Hinder who brought an extraordinary modernity to Australia in the post war fifties. 

The exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art was very interesting with a seminal work (or series of works) by John Wolseley, Termintaria  Indwelling1-1V 2020 – 2021. An examination of termite mounds and the creatures that live in, on and around them.  Paint, print, rubbing and all sorts of ways to make marks, with delightful watercolour paintings of birds interspersed.

Then there was a room sized theatrical installation of collage, cut outs, fabric and more by Sally Smart. There were installations from discarded plastics, all colour coordinated and amazing works, including painting, textiles, movies – often animated, by Deborah Kelly. A feast for the senses.

I attended the Reed Gift Fair at the International Convention Centre where Art Shine Licensing had a stand  – which shows many products using artist designs (including some of mine) to potential wholesale purchasers. Met lots of other exhibitors and learnt lots about marketing artistic products. Very soon I’ll have the eco shopping bag and tea towel printed with one of my artworks for sale though the site. 

Lunch with friends and afternoon tea with my sister and a haircut and shopping! Fun

I even managed to do a little bit of painting – pen and wash sketching actually.

Sketching the Bridge

Since then I have helped Tim Clift hang his wonderful exhibition, ‘Coastal Roaming’ at the Lennox Arts Collective (on until 13th May).

There are still some places on my workshop on ‘Drawing Skills’ on 12th June – more information here

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