Our New World of Art Newsletter No 2 30 March 2020

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Our new world continues to evolve, so welcome to epistle two in this new series of Newsletters from my blog. As an older retired medico, I continue to encourage everyone to stay home, wash hands and follow the advice of our medical experts. I went for my allowed exercise this morning and had a glorious beach walk and met some seagulls – only one was appropriately physically distancing!!

Interested to know, have you all found things to do that you have left aside for years, in our new world? I have heard of people being able to get the sewing done without having to pack up to look after grandchildren (so lovely to leave your mess out!), get the weeding started, reading that huge pile of books by the bedside table, painting and drawing (excellent), learning to play an instrument and I have taken up cryptic crosswords again – apart from painting….

Our New World of Art – Virtual Views

If you love art and want to have a look at wonderful creative things, here are some online views;

Courtauld Gallery, London – some of us went there on our English Art Retreat in 2018 – here is a virtual tour..https://courtauld.ac.uk/gallery/about/3d-gallery-virtual-tour

Some views from our visit there https://christinereadart.com/english-art-retreat-days-1-2-british-museum-courtauld-gallery-and-the-tates/

Getty Centre, Los Angeles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddTqzGhchB8

National Gallery, Canberra – some magnificent Indigenous art https://nga.gov.au/collections/atsi/gallery.cfm?displaygal=18a&mnuid=

Guggenheim New York collection https://www.guggenheim.org/collection-online

Our New World of Art at Lennox Arts Collective News

It’s a week since we closed our doors to walk ins, but we have a window display which we’ll be changing from time to time. We know that you are only allowed to go out for essentials and for your daily exercise, but should you pass our window at 2/72 Ballina St and take a fancy to something in there such as paintings art, photography, tee shirts, tea towels, ceramics, prints, cards, wooden spoons, solargraphs, concertina drawing books and jewellery – contact us individually by email on the internet or by social media. but if you find it easier, just ring me (Christine) and I can help 0415230470. Have a look at some of our items for sale below…

Here are some shots through the window – please forgive the reflections!

In the next photo gallery are some close ups of our lovely wares, some of them are a bit tricky to see through the window! The header photo in this newsletter features Jen Banks’ beautiful vintage tin earrings. We are also displaying specific items on our Instagram feed (@lennoxartscollective) and FaceBook (Lennox Arts Collective).

Here are contact details for all our artists. You can pay us by direct debit – and we’ll deliver and keep the appropriate social distance and sanitising precautions.

  • Narelle Bretherton narellebretherton@outlook.com Jen banks banksji@gmail.com Sharon McIlwain sharonmcart@gmail.com Julian Jett julianjett@live.com Mark Waller markwallerartist@yahoo.com.au Frankie Sharman frankiesharman@bigpond.com Christine Read christinereadart@hotmail.com Jenny Schirmer (Smoky Tea Studio) jennyblissathome.com.au

Christine’s Stuff

My own practice moves on into this New Art World with my online classes starting on Wednesday 1st April using the Zoom platform. You can see more detail about the classes here. I have also created some You Tube videos showing me working through a painting I am ‘renovating’ into a Still Life and Landscape – there is a progress photo below. Although they are a bit ‘amateur and clunky’, they do give you a general insight into my painting life.

Still life/landscape – work in progress on YouTube

My specials this week are;

Greeting Cards (blank inside) – $20 for a random set of six of the images below includes envelopes and posted within Australia for free. If you want a specific set or single, they are $5.00 each.

There is also a select collection of prints (30 x 30 cm) of some of my recent paintings and drawings for sale unframed for easy postage. On sale for $25.00, usual price $35.00.

Thank you so much to those of you who have bought something or wished us well. Jobs and superannuation savings are very uncertain at this time, so we are all doing what we can to hold our wonderful little art community going and every little bit helps!


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