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by May 22, 20151 comment

Well, yesterday was quite a day! I started  in my old favourite haunt downtown in the SoHo district. Such a cool place – old buildings, modern skyscrapers, interesting shops – managed to buy black washed jeans, grey batwing jumper that opens down the back and can be reversed to be a cardigan – I like the 2 in 1 idea – also bought a sienna coloured silk shift (according to my assistant dude, Maxwell, I look very ‘edgy’ (he would say that but he was ever so cute) to wear over black satin pants to the Agora Gallery opening – showing my work – which is the reason for the visit!

Then on to the Drawing Center which an artist friend emailed me about – I had never heard of it – thank you, Emma. Like everything in NY, it opens late – noon and as luck would have it there were artists in residence working on portraits as part of the exhibition ‘Beaux Arts Portraits’. These young men do incredibly fine and detailed work using a technique of carefully observing the edge of the paper and the subject which ‘splits the pencil into two images’ allowing the artists to trace one. The artists head is kept still by means of a plaster cast ‘helmet’. The sitters are ordinary people who volunteer. Do check the photos! I also enjoyed the gallery in general and sat for awhile and copied one of the portraits on display.

Back to base in Chelsea (W 24th St), I readied for the big event at Agora Gallery New York – see selfie! The exhibition was great – a whole lot of Australian and New Zealand artists -of people and some excellent work. My work seemed to be commented on by interested patrons – there were a huge number of viewers, lots of wine and a deafening buzz of talk in the vast warehouse gallery space. Who knows how this will pan out in the future, but it has been a fabulous experience and luckily have already made a very good sale from my work on the Agora Gallery website.

Today I pounded the pavement again – even though subway riding is terrific, New York is a walker’s city. MOMA was the first port of call and while there was much of interest (Andy Wharhol – I did a workshop on Pop Art recently – so that was interesting) but my favourite was the section on urban renewal in some of the most congested cities in the world – think Mumbai and Rio de Janiero – where the push is now not to pull down slums, but to remodel them in a much more appropriate manner. For instance people living in slums are usually running some sort of business from their home – if the slum is pulled down and rebuilt as only a home, the work space and economic gains from the original building is lost.

After MOMA, Central Park, a sit down and hotdog and then a walk uptown through the park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – I have been 3 or 4 times now and gradually see just a bit more of their vast artistic treasures. ‘China through the Looking Glass’ was on – a stunning mix of new and old, including some superb fashion garments. I also checked on Japan, but by then was pretty whacked so back across the park to the west side and a subway to 23rd St and a rest!


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