Our virtual wold has become almost normal! It’s only taken about a month and we are already used to physical distance, virtual activities and hopefully time to do things that we haven’t done for ages. Of course it is challenging and particularly for healthcare workers on the front line, parents learning to become teachers, businesses, like ours at Lennox Arts Collective, that are not considered essential and those who are alone and lonely. A big shout out and hug to all of you!

My morning beach walk is how I set myself or the rest of the day, there is something about the ocean that is so soothing. There are exercisers, dog walkers, surfers, runners and kids having a ball running away from parents and after seagulls.

Having a structure to the day has always worked for me……so I will continue to put out a newsletter once a week and try to promote ways that you can engage with art (and of course, continue to support us at Lennox Arts Collective – we do want to be able to survive in the long term, to put on exhibitions, sell you cards, gifts and art for your walls)!

So! How can you support Lennox Arts Collective?

In the midst of a pandemic people still have birthdays, get married and give birth. Remember that a simple greeting card, written by hand, is a powerful message to a friend (better than a virtual card) and we have specials on art cards which we can deliver or post to you. Cards by Christine or Sharon – a random set of 6 for $20.00 (usually $30.00). If you want something simpler, how about a gift voucher that we can send by email?

We also have lovely, small and inexpensive gifts that say – ‘I’m thinking of you’ and they are handcrafted…….timber boards with original photographs, earthy ceramics, art prints, jewellery, tea towels, handmade concertina art sketchbooks, hand whittled wooden spoons and bowls, books and CDs to help on how to paint for aspiring artists and of course fabulous tee shirts with scenes of Lennox. Contact details for the artists are below, but you can contact Christine on 0415230470 if that is easier.

  • Jenny Schirmer (Smoky Tea Studio) jennyblissathome.com.au  Christine Read christinereadart@hotmail.com Frankie Sharman frankiesharman@bigpond.com Mark Waller markwallerartist@yahoo.com.au Julian Jett julianjett@live.com Narelle Bretherton narellebretherton@outlook.com Sharon McIlwain sharonmcart@gmail.com Jen banks banksji@gmail.com

Art classes online!

Do you want to do an art class? we have a couple of options for you! 

Mark has lots of virtual lessons and tips for you on his Explore Acrylics You Tube site

Christine is running virtual online Zoom classes on Wednesdays and some Saturdays – these are instructional and interactive and more information can be found here

Local online art activities

Join Peggy Popart Lismore Regional Gallery tour guide for an Online Art Adventure for kids’ & their families :: Art Adventure no.2 will be focusing on Portraiture. 

Art Adventure no.2: https://facebook.com/events/s/peggy-popart-online-art-advent/645077522716823/?ti=icl
Where: Online via Facebook Live Video
Peggy Popart Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/Peggypopart/live/
When: Wednesday 15 April 2020
Time: 11am – 12noon
This event is free

Event Details

Tweed Regional Gallery Public Programs Online

Banksias, like many native flowers, are robust and resilient. They are a great reminder of our connection to nature and the pleasure that can be found simply observing the patterns, textures and colours found in the natural world. Taking inspiration from the exhibition Floral Appreciation by Judy Oakenfull, set up a simple still life from your garden or download examples from our Flower Portraits Activity Sheet. This is an activity the whole family can enjoy as there is even a fun template for the kids!

Flower Portraits Online Activity (1.66mB PDF)

For their exhibition Captive Companions artists Anne Smerdon and Corinne Lewis brought together over 30 highly trained, free-flight birds of different species. The birds you seen in their exhibition were able to fly around the house, nibble on strawberries, rest on pumpkins, and nestle up to their human friends. This approach enabled Anne and Corinne to document the different personalities and plumages of these beautiful birds. Taking inspiration from Captive Companions, and using the exercises provided, let your imagination roam as free as these intelligent, joyous and curious creatures! Art Play Online Activity (4.91mB PDF)

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New World (Virtual) Newsletter No 4 13 April 2020

  1. Lovely to see your newsletter

    How did the Tweed gig go, what did you learn, discover?

    I had a setback which required the full support and dedication of the cardio ward at the PA hospital

    Nothing like being sliced open, bone and gristle

    Not my time to go Christine, still got work to do

    Inspired by the Collective

    1. Hi Jim, very sorry to hear that you have had such a serious drama, but relieved to know you are ok now. Glad you like the newsletter- Tweed was great and I learned a lot about myself. A bit like the current isolation- lots of reflection and time to be creative!

  2. Hi Christine
    I enjoy reading your newsletters but maybe it’s my iPad but Ican only read so much as most of it is obscured by the photos which cover the text.
    Jo Wieneke

    1. Hi Jo, nice that you like the newsletters, but sorry you can’t see them properly. I have just checked both my iPad and iPhone and it reads properly. Perhaps it is your iPad, try googling- i do that every time I have a problem. Christine

  3. Like Jo…… The newsletter has all of the photos pasted randomly over the print on my iPad version.

    Claire Waters

    Love the images

    1. Oh dear Claire, so sorry to hear that. Not sure why it happens sometimes. It seems to be ok on my iPad and phone. I’ll see if I can find out. Christine

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