New World (Isolation) Newsletter No 3 6 April 2020

by Apr 6, 20202 comments

Isolation, or more correctly semi isolation has been in place for two weeks now. Are we getting used to it? It can be a challenge, especially for the super  social people of the world and extroverts. For introverts it is a bit different. If, like me, you need to spend a lot of time thinking, painting and generally being independent, then there can be some upsides!

Whatever your situation, I do hope you remain well and are finding things to do. Many of us are coming to terms with Zoom or another form of online video conferencing – what a learning curve for particularly the over 60s! One result of all this will be an uptick in our technological skill set!

Today’s isolation, like most others for me starts with a take away coffee from The Point Café in Lennox – many thanks to Kylie and the crew there and then a walk up to the surf club and back. On the beach I found some interesting constructions ? Sculptures in the mode of Andy Goldsworthy made of driftwood washed up over the past few weeks. I have also been watching one of our raptors in its nest high on the top of one of our Norfolk pines. I think its a Brahminy Kite – a bit far off to identify, but we also have Ospreys conducting high patrols of the beach for a feed. I have painted the Brahminy a few times and watched them over many years.

What’s happening at Lennox Arts Collective?

Lennox Arts Collective, like most retail outlets is in isolation mode, but that does not mean we are closed to our customers – you can still window shop on your way to buy essentials, you can still contact us to buy gifts for birthdays (as a lovely lady did last week to buy a present for an 18 year olds birthday – we have great tee shirts, timber photo blocks and prints of Lennox by Julian Jett. You could even buy a gift to cheer someone (or yourself) up in isolation!  Think of Jen Banks’ gorgeous jewellery ( a necklace has already been snapped up), hand made ceramic candles by Smoky Tea Studio, satin touch hand whittled timber spoons, by Frankie Sharman. There is the most gorgeous painting of a Lennox local home by Narelle Bretherton (every Lennox family should have at least one of these) – we have about five at our house!

If you have moved into renovation mode as so many people have with their new found time at home, think about new artwork for your walls. Mark Waller is well known for his iconic beach scenes and he is happy to take commissions while in isolation. Sharon McIlwain is also beavering away in her home studio and her work has been bought and put in homes all over Australia ( we may not cross borders, but the post and freight can).

I (Christine Read) have been painting too and am also happy to discuss commissions and hopefully will put a new work into the window at Lennox Arts Collective sometime this week.

You can contact individual artists on the email addresses below or ring me (Christine) if its easier and I can sort it for you 0415 230 470.

Jenny Schirmer (Smoky Tea Studio) 

Christine Read

Frankie Sharman

Mark Waller

Julian Jett

Narelle Bretherton

Sharon McIlwain

Jen banks

Christine’s classes (Zooming along!)

In my isolation mode apart from painting and catching up with friends remotely, I have run my first online art class using Zoom. Some challenges, but overall successful and will be continuing every Wednesday morning. Contact me for more details or have a look here.

You can check out some painting I am doing on You Tube too…..

Best wishes to you all – we’ll get through this together but we do need to do the right thing health wise and in supporting each other.