New World (beginning) Newsletter No 7 4 May 2020

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Beginning seemed like a good place to start as it seems that we have come to the end of the beginning of the first phase of our current drama. Now we move into the second phase where we can cautiously make a new beginning of opening up ever so slightly!

I note that it is also the beginning of the cooler weather – much easier for doing sweaty things like gardening and for getting cosy and snug with an interesting book…. I recently read ‘Upheavel – How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change’ by Jared Diamond, which was fascinating. Now of course we can see almost at first hand how so many nations of the world cope with this particular crisis and change. At the present time Australia and new Zealand seem to be doing quite well – hopefully it stays that way.

Whales have also shown up on the horizon as they are beginning to make their winter migration north. I haven’t seen a ‘blow’ yet, but friends have and I look forward to my first spotting some day this week.

Beginning again at  Lennox Arts Collective!

Yes! We open up again for a few hours on a few days a week, beginning with Thursday 7th May 9-12noon and then open again on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May for three hours, 9-12noon. This should allow you to find some Mother’s Day gifts for that special person. Beginning the following week we start opening on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 9-12, providing all continues to go well with our ‘beginning the new phase’ efforts in Australia.

At the end of the beginning of the first phase of a pandemic, people still have birthdays, get married and give birth. Time to celebrate your Mother now! Know that a simple greeting card, written by hand, is a powerful message (better than a virtual card) and we have specials on art cards which we can deliver or post to you. Cards by Christine or Sharon – a random set of 6 for $20.00 (usually $30.00). If you want something simpler, how about a gift voucher that we can send by email?

We also have lovely, small and inexpensive gifts that say – ‘I’m thinking of you’ and they are handcrafted…….timber boards with original photographs, earthy ceramics, art prints, jewellery, tea towels, handmade concertina art sketchbooks, hand whittled wooden spoons and bowls, books and CDs to help on how to paint for aspiring artists and of course fabulous tee shirts with scenes of Lennox. Contact details for the artists are below, but you can contact Christine on 0415230470 if that is easier.

Names and contact details are;

  • Jenny Schirmer (Smoky Tea Studio)  Christine Read                           Frankie Sharman                         Mark Waller                              Julian Jett                                                          Narelle Bretherton                Sharon McIlwain                                         Jen banks

Art classes online!

Do you want to do an art class? Just beginning or more advanced? We have a couple of options for you!

Mark has lots of virtual lessons and tips for you on his Explore Acrylics You Tube site.

Christine has virtual art classes on Zoom

Zoom art class

At present there are Wednesday classes, 10 – 11am and next Saturday, 9th May is the second instalment of the Virtual Travel Diary Workshop – there are still spots available; click here for more information.

Also, you can see how this artwork, ‘Birthday Bunch’ developed on You Tube – watch a time lapse video from the beginning here;

Enjoy the next phase and stay safe!


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