New World (Anzac) Newsletter No 6 27 April 2020

by Apr 27, 20200 comments

Anzac Day was Saturday and like everything at the moment, it was completely different to our usual remembrance, but it reminded me that Australians and New Zealanders are a particular breed of person…. Pragmatic, realist, not fans of authority when it seems pointless, but extremely responsible and innovative when it has a point. The wars we have been involved with have demostrated this and our current situation with the pandemic has also brought out these excellent qualities. 

I thought much on Saturday about the people I have known who served in war, Anzacs and others. 

My father was in the British Army in WWII, in India in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, my first husband was an Infantry Officer when we married and he and his mates served in Malaysia and in Vietnam. As a young immigrant to Australia I befriended the most wonderful people who became my Australian family and taught me all about the Anzac story and Australian culture. Rusty McWilliam served with the 2nd/4th Battalion in North Africa and is now 101 and still bright and lively, with many stories to tell!

What has this to do with Lennox Arts Collective, you say?

Well, I venture to say that Anzac Day reminds us all that we have our wonderful Australian arts culture to celebrate and take part in because of the sacrifices people have made for us. That includes all the essential workers in our midst  health, education, logistics and many more who are doing that right now!

Anyway, we at LAC have decided collectively that we will gradually open up our little gallery in Lennox Head, with all careful precautions for a few hours (9am to 12md)   on the  7th, 8th and 9th May, to give people an opportunity to buy something to give to Mum on Mother’s Day. We will then start opening again on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 9-12, providing all continues to go well with our ‘flattening the curve’ efforts in Australia. 

So, do come down to Lennox Arts Collective when we are open, look into our window and contact us for purchases. Remember, we do have a contactless payment option.

Contact details for the artists are below, but you can contact Christine on 0415230470 if that is easier.

  • Jenny Schirmer (Smoky Tea Studio)  Christine Read                           Frankie Sharman                         Mark Waller                              Julian Jett                                                          Narelle Bretherton                Sharon McIlwain                                         Jen banks

Do you want to do an art class? we have a couple of options for you! 

Mark has lots of virtual lessons and tips for you on his Explore Acrylics You Tube site.

Christine has virtual art classes on Zoom – click here for more information.

The next Saturday workshops are on 2nd and 9th May and the topic is ‘A Virtual Travel Diary’ – you will find more information in the workshop section.

By the way, I have downloaded the corona virus app produced by the government. In my previous life I was a Sexual Heath Physician and part of our job was ‘contact tracing’ – it can be incredibly difficult to do this, so if we can make this more efficient to track down cases of Covid 19, I believe this is the best way (and as far as privacy is concerned, using Facebook and instagram – even reading this post is far worse!).