March Madness Newsletter 2022

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March madness has been well and truly an issue this year in the Northern Rivers (along with South East Queensland and lots of other areas). FLOODS have affected everyone. I am writing this newsletter in our Lennox Arts Collective Gallery and very happy to sell, but no internet, so it has to be cash. Ah Ha! the internet has come back on, so we can take card sales again!

One of our members has been badly affected, losing house and home. You can support by buying gifts, art, cards, photos and more!

March madness has had it’s positive side – the community pulling together massively. I visited an evacuation centre yesterday and was mighty impressed by the organisation and donations. My understanding is now that unless asked for a specific item, don’t donate goods but support the rescue and rebuilding efforts financially or help to physically clean up. I have found that the GIVIT site is excellent. You can buy a voucher for $50 to buy hardware, cleaning materials right up to vouchers for fridges, washing machines, lounges etc. Access GIVIT here…..

March madness has taught us all that it is very challenging to live without phone or internet coverage. There is a real need for proper contingency planning here.

On a personal level March Madness took the form of an inability to get home from Sydney for a week. I had flown to Sydney to visit the ‘Matisse Life and Spirit’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales with my sister. We had a great time at the exhibition and I have written about it below, but due to the floods in Ballina, I spent days in airports in both Sydney and Gold Coast trying to get home, often having the flight cancelled at the very last minute. Anyway, once the Pacific Highway opened from Gold Coast to Ballina, my husband was able to drive up to collect me and we were able to buy fuel and food which was in very short supply in Lennox Head and Ballina.

Matisse and March Madness

‘Life and Spirit’ is an exhibition of the masterpieces of Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954) from the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris. Its a fabulous collection, and although I have seen many before in the Centre Pompidou, never in such concentration. 

You really get an idea of the progression of an artist, who was at once excited and fully creative and on the other hand consumed by anxiety and self questioning. He was trained academically, but soon moved into Fauvism with it’s bold, brilliant colours and simplified forms.

Travel became a vital part of his search for creativity: Belle Île in Brittany, the south of France, Algeria, Italy, Tahiti. Colour and pattern became his principal modes of painting, but he was also an accomplished sculptor and, of course, his ‘Cut Outs’ in the latter part of his life.

Workshopping Patterns

Before March madness, we had a rather lovely pattern workshop on a Saturday. As you can see from Matisse’s work, patterns were a huge element. I love pattern too, so held a workshop at which the participants really rose to the occasion in acrylics, watercolour and even working on an iPad. See some of the patterns created below.

My Sydney Exhibition is fast approaching!

Excited and a little nervous, if you would like to come to the opening, here is the link – RSVP is essential

The wonderful artist, Nicole Kelly is going to introduce me – she has mentored me along with a group of fabulous artists for the past couple of years. Such a thrill for me! Some of my works that will be in the show are below.


  1. Robin Hill

    Exciting times for you my friend. Still in awe of your new life! Heaps of good luck with the exhibition- it will be fabulous!

    • Christine Read

      Thank you so much my friend! Looking forward to it and so happy that I can play my retirement away!!

  2. Hedy

    Thanks for the cheering read Christine.
    Alana & I visiting Matisse on Sunday. Can’t wait.
    Congratulations on your upcoming exhibition

    • Christine Read

      Thanks Hedy, I think you will enjoy the Matisse – so much inspiration!!

  3. Ros Rollin

    Looking forward to seeing your exhibition and was very happily reminded of our trip with the photos of The Pompidou.

    • Christine Read

      Well done Ros, yes, those photos taken at Pompidou were on our 2017 trip – great memories. Will be great to see you and the girls xx


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