London (and Chichester) in May Part 2

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London continues to fascinate and it does bring people from all over the world – which is small, as you know! I had a message from one of my very good friends, Trish Tait to say she was in London too and would I like to go to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Gallery? Of course I would! Trish is a brilliant portrait painter and has been selected for this years Archibald Salon de Refusé! We really enjoyed their Annual Exhibition and even met and talked with one of artists who won an award. Then on to one of my favourite Cafés in Piccadilly for coffee and cake (I hope all this walking will mean I am not the size of a house when I return as the cakes nd scones are going down a treat!)

London is also a place of exclusive clubs – I am so lucky to have well connected cousins here (I sometimes reflect what my life might have been like if my mother had not been so determined to leave England when I was a child _ I guess it would have been very different!). Anyway, one of my gorgeous cousins, Deborah and her husband took me to the Chelsea Arts Club for lunch. He is a member there and so was James Whistler and Monet sat at the long table and had a meal. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden, so no photos for you, but a special experience for me – you can imagine there were original paintings everywhere!

Mother’s Day in Australia last Sunday, so I was taken by my daughter and her family to central London – Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are all fresh , clean and gilded. The day was sublime and we took the children to the London Aquarium, which is HUGE and great fun, then for lunch at The Archduke pub at Waterloo, where I had one of the best Steak/Frites meals ever.

Of course, while in London, I have to visit the London Graphic Centre, in Shelton St, where I always buy way more art stuff than I set out to do! It is also close to Covent Garden, so a good look through the market and bits and pieces – so fascinating, but most of the objects I want are too fragile to bring home.

Wednesday took me to the picturesque and historic town of Chichester, where I met up with my cousin Caroline and visited my amazing 103 year old Aunt Catherine. My aunt is so completely ‘on the ball’, she can even read emails on her iPad! Sister to my Dad, Bruce, we talked old and new family memories and indulged in afternoon tea and Portuguese tarts. Caroline and I visited the beautiful Pallant Gallery, where there was an exhibition of the art of book covers.

Now, last but not least, I have an updated timetable for my Saturday Art Workshops which you can access here – note, I cannot receive phone calls on my Australian number until June, when I return. If you wish to book into a workshop, please email at

Cheers for now!


  1. Robin Hill

    I thought Dad was pretty good but your aunt is incredible!!! It must b wonderful to see her and talk “family”. Enjoying reading of your exciting adventures.

    • Christine Read

      Thanks Rob, yes, Aunt Catherine is truly amazing and absolutely on the ball! xx

  2. Tamara

    You are having a wonderful time. The weather looks great and your Aunt looks so beautiful. How wonderful for you to spend precious time together.

    • Christine Read

      Thank you for your kind words Tamara. Yes, it is special to be able to visit and have time with family. Aunt Catherine is truly amazing!


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