Lockdown Art News September 2021

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Lockdown art news – here we go again – but hopefully with vaccination rates on the up and up, we will have more normal lives eventually!

Silver lining for lockdown is that I have been painting more than ever and for me it has been a real bonus. I think I have found a groove with plein air painting and I especially like working on a coloured ground – there is an example in the image of The Copper Jug with Lorikeet below. In fact, I have just been filming the use of a coloured ground for my next lesson series, in my online school Art, the Universe and Everything. This lesson series is Colour Basics – set to be released on 31st August and follows on from Drawing and Painting Basics released in July.


The Copper Jug with Lorikeet

Lockdown means of course that I am without my sidekick, Narelle, directing and filming. It has been a more intense learning experience, but I am not unhappy with the result and hopefully for those that enrol into the Colour Basics course or have already enrolled in Art Basics, it aids your use of colour.

Lockdown Zoom!

As I am not currently able to run my Face to Face classes at Lennox Arts Collective and now with the extension of lockdown, I thought you might like to take part in a Zoom session or two.

I used to run sessions on Zoom during our first lockdown (see above photos) and they appeared to be popular and a way of connecting when it is difficult to do so. The sessions I run usually last an hour or an hour and a half.

How does it work?

After you have booked and paid I send you a link to the Zoom session and we meet virtually at the appointed time. I prepare an art topic for discussion and demonstration – e.g. Still Life and I do a bit of a demo and encourage you to work on something as well. 

It is usually pretty interactive and fun and if you have any arty questions you want answered or wish to share any tips and tricks, that will be much appreciated!.

Cost is $25 per 1 hour session 10 – 11am (Wednesday)

Dates Wednesdays 1, 8 September – probably more if there is further lockdown.

I did have a day long workshop on painting water planned for 11th September and although we may be out of lockdown (just!) on that day, I think it would be sensible to run that on Zoom too 

Saturday 11th September from 10am – 11.30 Water Works – 1.5 hr session $35

Please let me know if you would like to join in for any of these sessions and I can then give you more information. 

Note that anyone who has enrolled and paid for the Art Basics online course on Art, the Universe and Everything can choose to do one of the Zoom sessions for free.

I ask people to pay by direct debit  and will send you my bank details when you book in – please send an email to me at christinereadart@hotmail.com


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