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Explore art – that is my theme for August! Art is at least one of the things that you can do, learn about and explore whether you are in lockdown/isolation or not.

Of course, we cannot easily go to art galleries where gathering together is forbidden, but we can ‘play’ – play with pencil, charcoal, paint and all sorts of other things that make marks.

We started out in ancient times with mud and ochre – maybe we should go back there to refresh our creative souls? At the end of this newsletter I have put in a couple of virtual art gallery experiences for those of you needing to ‘get away’.

Join Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine – new online art school!

If you are wishing to explore art a bit more, you could enrol in my new online art school, ‘Art, the Universe and Everything. Here area few still photos from the lessons – each session has a video component or two so that you can see exactly how we draw and paint the artwork and there is discussion about the process, tools used etc.

We started with Art Basics – this is divided into three sections: Drawing Basics was released in mid July and some people have been happily working through it, Painting basics was released at the end of July and Colour Basics will be ready to release at the end of August.

If you would like to know more about the whole program, click through on this link – Online Art Classes or go straight through to Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine

A lovely comment I have had about the Drawing basics course:

‘Just starting ‘shapes’ and really like your direction to draw a sphere from the shoulder. I have found great improvement already’  

Painting en plein air

With my own painting I am continuing to explore art en plein air. Somehow when I paint outside in the bush I feel so close to the land and it’s possible to really hear the wind and birds without civilisation making so much noise. I feel I can sense the vibrations of the earth – that is why I have been working on my series and called it ‘Conversations with the Land’. I am starting in just a tiny way to begin to understand what our First Nations people mean when they talk about ‘being on country’.

explore art

Boulders Beach 61 x 61 acrylic on canvas

explore art

On the Fire Trail – acrylic 1 x 1m acrylic

What’s on at Lennox Arts Collective at the moment?  A great exhibition with amazing woven baskets and animals created from chicken wire by John Walters, Caroline McKay has fabulous print works and Kay Knights does beautiful paintings featuring flowers and a mystical moon.

Virtual Art Viewing!

Andy Warhol at the Tate

Upacara – Ceremonial Art from South East Asia



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