Christine runs regular art workshops at Lennox Arts Collective – you can come and have tuition or you can do ‘your own thing’ – come join us in a happy, creative atmosphere!

Art Classes, Saturday Workshops and Studio Weekend – January to June 2020, French Art Retreat September 2020

Let me help you to find your creative spark, whether you want to draw or paint! Workshop 9.30 to 12.30pm on Wednesdays to get help or ‘do your own thing’ $35.00 or $15 per hour. You can also come in to use the space in Lennox Arts Collective Gallery at 2/72 Ballina St. Lennox Head as a convenient studio. Cost is $15 per hour.

Workshop Timetable January to June 2020

Note: I am overseas for 4 weeks in April/May. Last Wednesday class is 8th April and starts again 20th May 2020

The popular Saturday workshops on specific art practices are below:

Saturday 25 January: Painting Water

Tallebudgera Creek 1 Commission acrylic on linen 91 x 61 cm
Tallebudgera Creek 1 Commission acrylic on linen 91 x 61 cm

Do you find it challenging to paint water realistically? Come and learn to paint waves at the beach, still water in a river and water in a glass. This workshop is for all levels. Book here

19 January update: This workshop is has two places that have become available due to cancellation please contact me if you would like to attend at

9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                     If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Saturday 15th February: Artist’s Tool Box – Acrylic and Gouache

Evening Walk. gouache and charcoal on paper. Framed size 43 x 54 cm [SOLD]

Come along to find out about the differences between acrylic and watercolour mediums. Gouache  is watercolour but is a mystery to many, so let’s experiment and play with all these great painting media. Book here.

9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                     If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Saturday 14th March: Exploring Colour

Red and Orange, colour art workshop
Red and Orange Colour chart from Colour workshop 19 September

Do you have difficulty mixing or matching colours? Do you understand complementary colours, colour harmony and colour value? This workshop is bound to be creative and vibrant! Book here.

9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                     If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Saturday and Sunday 28/29 March: Christine’s home studio

All set up for an art studio weekend!
All set up for a studio weekend of art!

In a rural setting – come and paint en plein air or in the studio – there will be a variety of art activities  – full program. TBA   9.30 – 4pm (glass of wine to finish!)                 $220.00

Saturday 11th April Creating a Landscape

artist residency
The view from the artist residency studio

Painting and drawing the view around you is a favourite artists’ subject. Have you ever wished you could take a memory of a landscape with you – and not just in a photograph? To really absorb and experience the view, making an artwork will help you to really ‘see’ the scene.

9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                     If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Saturday 13 June: Botanical Delights

Delight in flowers and interesting plants? Come and practise the art of drawing or painting a ‘green thumb’!


9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                      If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Saturday 27th June : Drawing Skills

Creative Drawing with charcoal
Creative Drawing with charcoal

Is drawing your ‘thing’? Do you just want to learn a few drawing skills? Want to try ‘creative drawing’. Come to this class and learn to make artistic ‘marks’.

9.30 – 3.30pm    $70.00                      If you have art materials, please bring them along.

Art Retreat in France – September 2020

Parisian Street Scene
Parisian Street Scene

Art and Culture tour with Christine. Paris for 4 days (includes a day at Versailles) and then travel to Vannes in Brittany and stay in a grand villa for 6 days of fun, art and French culture. All information on website

French Art Retreat – Paris and Vannes in Brittany 1st – 11th September 2020

Small group art tours. Four days in Paris, exploring art galleries and museums and including a day at the Palace and Gardens of Versailles then six days in the ancient Roman and Medieval Harbour town of Vannes in Brittany.

You do not have to be an artist – just enjoy art and culture!

Bookings are essential for the Saturday classes. Please check my website: and/or contact me for more information.

Contact me on 0415 230 470 or


Art Workshops – come and join Christine!

  1. HI Christine, I am interested in your botanical drawing and painting class in June. Do you have any spots left?

  2. Hi.Im.interested in your botanical workshop coming this for beginners or can others come along too?😊

  3. Hi my name’s Kylie Gras, im 45yrs & very single & I’d just like 2 know wen keeping visual diaries , woodn’t u need to take alot of different types of staionary with u? U’d be carrying a huge bag of it with u woodnt u, wat do u take with u with yr visual diary?! Its just i lost all my visual diaries & different types of art work ive done along the way, aswell as $100 dollars worth of art & craft stuff due 2 a r’ship breakdown, anyway enough of all that. Its just that i haven’t done any type of art for about 3yrs & i do miss terribly but the thought of starting over againg is daunting 2 me!! And i dont know where 2 start, i am a self taught artist & i do a bit of drawing & painting but i feel im a better drawer though. Anyway im open 2 any suggestions or ideas u may have, thanks 4 reading my comment!

    1. Hi Kylie, Thank you so much for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear that you lost your work but I would like to encourage you to keep faith and start drawing and painting again. I use a visual diary that is only A5 size and fits into my handbag. I also carry a black gel pen, pencil and eraser for quick sketches. I have a backpack which I take if I think I will have the opportunity to do a bit more. I have a toiletry bag which holds a small watercolour paint set and tubes of gouache paint. I have a collapsible water pot, carry a water bottle and my brushes are the type where you can fill the handles with water. I can carry A4 pad of paper and/or a 30 x 30cm pad in the backpack too. I am running a workshop on travel drawing/painting on the 7th December at Lennox Head if you are interested.
      Best wishes with your art! Christine

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