Autumn Newsletter (April ’21)

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Autumn is upon us again! In autumn last year I was writing newsletters about lockdown, isolation and Zoom classes. It is so good that in Australia we have managed to keep the Covid virus under control and have relative normality. I have just had my first vaccine, so am very happy. I am really keen to get over to UK again to see my children and grandchildren and am optimistic that I can get there early next year (and will hopefully meet a new grandchild!)

This autumn has been a pretty busy time with one of my studio weekends at the end of March – some really good work and many thoughtful questions about art. I hold these weekend workshops twice a year – in autumn and spring – March and September. They are an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in your art without interruption in a creative atmosphere. Attendees find it peaceful and special. This year I had Narelle helping me, so we could do the catering easily and we were each able to work one on one with the participants as needed.

Narelle and I have also been collaborating on our series of video tutorials. We have now made three together: one on the making of ‘The Feast – one of my fantasy still life paintings – I put that up a month or so ago and here is another Fantasy one – I made this before Narelle came on board last year:

Together is much better and after our first we then made ‘How to – Landscape for Beginners’ and following on from that, ‘Landscape Painting Tips in Conversation’. We have had some hilarious fails – like the time we forgot to turn the camera on and did a whole section without recording it and then the time we had satisfactorily completed the ending then tripped on the tripod! In the interests of keeping it ‘real’, we decided that bloopers are a part of the whole experience and have left some in.

I think the next video will be on keeping a Visual/Travel Diary when you can’t travel….kind of an ‘armchair travel guide’. Hopefully something you can do in the chillier days of Autumn/Winter!

I have written about my joy in painting outside, so pleased to know that it has resulted in one of the works I painted en plein air in South Australia over Christmas (Summer afternoon) is in the Salon des Refusés section of the Lethbridge Landscape prize – it can be seen (and bought) online from 27th April. It was framed beautifully for me by ‘Still @ the Centre’ in the Ballina Industrial Estate.

Summer Afternoon 60 x 90 acrylic

Here is another plain air work that was finished off in the studio…..

What is happening at Lennox Arts Collective in Autumn?

‘Les and Lis – Drawn Together’
 An exhibition of artwork by two local artists Lesley Ryan and Melissa Wright. Ryan – ‘Tendrils’Lesley Ryan’s work is heavily influenced by her love of Japanese woodblocks, the simplicity of line, and the reduction of landscape to its basic form. Watercolour allows her to develop a visual language of mood and serenity. The free flowing movements in her images, leave the viewer the decisions, about where and when.Lesley Ryan – ‘The Town’While Lesley’s work is executed in watercolours it is rarely touched by a brush. Her painting implements can be a fork, a feather or a plastic card. She has recently returned from studying with a Japanese woodblock master carver Motoharu Asaka in Tokyo and his influence and subtle use of line can be seen in her work.Lesley Ryan – ‘Cascade’Melissa WrightMelissa Wright’s figurative etchings once again make their way onto the walls of Lennox Arts Collective. But this time the majority of the images are influenced by a stunning array of miniature vintage frames.  Melissa WrightWomen gardening, sporting “beehive” hairdos and interacting with the cosmos will be framed in tiny portals engaging the viewer to look closer and have a peep at these tiny characters. Larger etchings will also be on display in one-off ornate frames.Melissa WrightLesley and Melissa’s Exhibition

‘Les and Lis – Drawn Together’

Friday 16 – Thursday 29 April 2021

Lesley and Melissa will be in the gallery to meet and talk with about their exhibtion on both Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th 10am-3pm

We are open 7 days, 10am-3pm
2/72 Ballina Street  Lennox Head  2478

And then in May, we will have the talented Tim Clift with his magnificent landscapes…..

Tim Clift

So lots to come and generally exciting times – this coming Saturday morning (17th April) I will be in Sydney at the Reed Gift Fair with Artshine Licensing at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, booth K 50!


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