Art Classes & Workshops

Wednesdays in the Gallery – 10am – 1pm

You do need to book for these sessions. As this is a Face to Face class at Lennox Arts Collective (2/72 Ballina St Lennox Head), numbers are limited and booking in advance is necessary.

Last class for 2021 is 15th December and first class for 2022 is 12th January.

All social distancing and sanitary care will be taken. To book contact Christine on 0415230470 or

Cost is $35.00 each

Art Classes

Saturdays at Lennox Arts Collective

These are Face to Face classes at Lennox Arts Collective (2/72 Ballina St Lennox Head), 10am to 3pm. Due to the current situation numbers will be limited and booking  in advance is necessary. All social distancing and sanitary care will be taken – first to book and pay is taken.

You do need to bring your own art materials as well as a cover for the art table (an old shower curtain or plastic table cloth is perfect). We have easels, tables and chairs.

Bookings are essential for the Saturday classes. Contact me on 0415 230 470 – please note that I am overseas until June, so please email requests to join classes –

Cost $70.00

Saturday 11th June - Let's be Impressionists!

Impressionism is one of the great painting genres and is a wonderful way to get life and light into your paintings! Come and learn and experiment with their loose and expressive way with colour.

Saturday 9th July - Water, Moving and Still

In this class we will explore the tricky side of painting water – seascapes, rivers and even still water in a glass jar!


Saturday 13th August - Landscape at a Distance and Close up

Learn more about composing a landscape – into the distance or really in close. Think about simplifying your subject matter and using colour to brighten the scene!

Saturday 3rd September - Looking at and playing with Fashion Illustration

Some of the best drawings come from using very simple lines that show incredible detail! We look at how fashion is often a driving force in the ways art moves into the future. Let’s try some different ways of depicting people in clothes!

Saturday 22nd October - Still Life - Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Objects

One of our favourite subjects are the things we see around us in our lives. Follow the Dutch and Spanish Masters and paint still life!

Saturday 12 November - Using Colour in Exciting Ways

Let’s look at how some of the masters of colour used it in their work – Van Gogh and the Fauves. We can play and experiment too…

Saturday 3rd December - Painting light and Shadows

Creating drama using contrast, light and shadow id one of the ways in which artists create interesting art. Come and learn some techniques!






Online Art Classes now available!

‘Online art classes that you can do at any time and work through as slowly or as quickly as you like!

The first course is ‘Art Basics’ and includes Drawing, Painting and Colour Basics. There are videos to watch and exercises to work through. The second course is The Fascination and Inspiration of Art History part 0ne’. We take you from Prehistoric art to the end of the 18th Century for a really fascinating look at art in a historical context

You can access our courses here Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine