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Art online is the theme for this month’s newsletter. The reason is that this month I will launch my first art online workshop, ‘Drawing Basics‘. The actual launch is planned to happen in mid July – I will send out an announcement to all my subscribers when it happens.

I hope this online art ‘school’ will be useful for people wanting to learn to draw, those who like to draw, but need a refresher and people who already draw lots, but want to try some different things.

Here is the video which is the introduction to the art online course, ‘Drawing Basics’…….

In our art online school Narelle and I have worked on quite a lot of video demonstrations, so that you can follow the processes easily. There are information sheets about the tools you can use and exercises to do. If you buy a subscription to a course you will also receive a regular newsletter dedicated to tips and tricks to use in your art practice. You can already find some of our You Tube tutorials for free on my You Tube channel.

We’ll both be using our art practice to show you ‘how’. I prefer to use acrylic paint or pen and wash and you know my art style by now, but you may not be aware of Narelle’s skills. She has painted some delightful images of houses and other icons in the Northern Rivers  and is an accomplished watercolourist. 

‘Drawing Basics’ is only the start! Over the next months we will be bringing out different topics in four art online courses. They are;

  1. Art Basics – classes on drawing, painting and colour.
  2. Art Challenges –  topics like ‘Fortunate Mistakes, ‘Renovating a painting’ and ‘Never throw it away’ 
  3. Art History and Culture – looking at Art that inspires to this day, Australian art, Art and travel, Art and Culture, the rise of modernism and art of the 20th Century.
  4. New Art Techniques – including plein air painting, screen printing and mixed media.

As part of the Art Online courses we also aim to set up a forum where you can share information with Narelle and myself, get some feedback and start conversations with other participants. 

To encourage you to try out the first workshop, there will be an early bird coupon for you with a discounted price, so watch out for the launch announcement!

In addition we will have give aways and the opportunity to have a pen and wash original sketch done especially for you by Christine.

Speaking of which, there will be a giveaway this month and no need to wait for the launch announcement. I have shown you previously the eco bag (made from recycled plastic bottles) and I have had requests to buy them, well they have come in and I have one to give away!

The bag will go to the person who writes the very best reason why they like being part of our artistic community and who can encourage another person to subscribe to the website.

Please write your reason in the comments section at the end of this post and there is a place to subscribe at the foot of this post too. We will announce the winner of the give away eco bag at the launch in mid July.

Very soon I will also have the bags available to buy at Lennox Arts Collective – they will arrive in the next week. You can also buy them online starting next week – I’ll send the information out when the online shop is ready.

Another exciting development is the availability of some of my artworks as prints.

A large company, Great Big Canvas in the United States has them for sale in a variety of formats – on paper, canvas, framed etc. There is a link here

So! that is the news for the beginning of the month, but there will be more to come, so stay tuned!


  1. Robin Hill

    What would life be without a creative outlet! I love to see your videos and helpful tuition which makes it seem possible to think artistically about the world around us and endeavour to add a little beauty to our lives. Thank you.

    • Christine Read

      Thank you so much! What a lovely comment and one that all of us creatives can really relate to.

  2. Bridie

    I’m very excited about the new course Christine! I am looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Christine Read

      Great to hear! We are very excited too and thanks so much for commenting, its great to get feedback.


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