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Art is happening everywhere in these tricky Covid times, but not in the same way as previously, a great deal of it is virtual….I have noticed that there are many more artists entering competitions which makes it hard to get into finals, but it does mean that the standard is incredibly high!

Classes on Zoom have become normal and I have been doing French classes that way – saves a huge amount of petrol because I used to drive 35 minutes to Lismore. I have also been doing art classes with the wonderful Nicole Kelly on Zoom and it has been amazing and I have made some great friends there (who I hope one day to meet in person!)

Here is a link to Nicole Kelly’s website, she has won many art awards in her career.

In between lockdowns and Zoom classes etc, I have continued with my en plein air work – one of my latest works;

art is happening
‘Conversations with the Land – Paperbark Majesty’

I did do a Zoom class for the Water Workshop on 11th September because we were in lockdown for a few weeks. It was fun and I enjoyed painting some waves and demonstrating how to paint water in wave and non wave form. Here are some of my studies…

Art Classes

Art is now happening at Lennox Arts Collective Gallery/Workshop space, so my Wednesday 10 – 1pm classes are back although I do have to keep the numbers low so that we have 4 sq metres for each artist. It is imperative that you book ahead as these spaces are filled fast! Saturday workshops are pretty well filled now until Christmas, although I do keep a wait list.

If you are keen to pick up a paintbrush or do some drawing, art is happening for you too as I now have online classes that you can do at your leisure – I have had some great feedback on them, with people finding that they can work through and then go back and relook at the various videos, exercises and tips. Once enrolled, the first course, Art Basics which includes Drawing, Painting and Colour Basics can be revisited as many times as you like over 12 months!

Right now, the next course, The Fascination and Inspiration of Art history, is being developed and should be available in about a month – If you want a bit more information – link through here to my online school, Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine.

Art is happening in online sales too

Various organisations have now licensed some of my artworks and with The Great Big Canvas company my art can now be bought as a print – a link here

Gift suggestions – Christine’s Art Merchandise

We have beach towels, beach bags, backpacks and so much more is also available – click through here to see the full range.

I also have the foldable shopping bags in the Isolation Picnic Design for sale at Lennox Arts Collective in Lennox Head for $25 and can post them anywhere in Australia:

Rosie Kaplan
‘The Art of Experimental Process’
8 – 21 October
 I am an experimental artist. I do my best to paint with no attachment to outcome, yet stay fully engrossed in the journey.Over the years I have used many different mediums. I’m currently using acrylic paints and a bit of collage.

And the next Exhibition is:

Lucy Car 22 October – 4 November

Very best wishes to all and excited to know that we will soon have more freedoms!


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