Art in your Home and Business is Magic!

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Love art in your home? Since the time of the cave man, we have decorated our living spaces, we like to express our individuality by choosing scenes that remind us of the things we love; memories of wonderful holidays at the beach or hiking up a magnificent mountain trail with views stretching forever.

Art in your Home

Art in your Home

To my mind, a blank wall is a sad thing! I am also worried when I see a small picture hung high up and lonely on a vast expanse.

Generally pictures should be placed at eye level, so that you can see and properly enjoy them. It can be good to have them framed in the same manner and in a series marching across a wall this is particularly good for long hallways and staircases, but there is nothing wrong with a collection of different sizes, so long as there is some thought put into the way they are hung.   Think – is there a theme? For example a series of drawings of houses or machines or a collection of  images incorporating certain colours which might include painted floral still life, coloured botanical pen sketches and an abstract work which picks out a similar colour.

Three portraits with different frames and in differing sizes hung at the AGNSW for the Archibald Prize 2017

The ideas are endless, but please do try to put some original artworks in your environment, not just prints! Art can be expensive and collectable, but it should always be something that ‘speaks to you’ – something you love, so it need not be expensive – I often find that people enjoy knowing the story behind a painting as that seems to make it just that bit more special.

We like to interior design our living spaces to pick up certain colours – don’t you tend to choose art in your home that either harmonises with the colours in your furnishings or which provides a ‘pop’ of a complementary colour to make it come together?

With the wonder of modern technology it  is so possible to buy at a distance and to buy beautiful art and furnishings that might not be ‘just down the road’ for you. I am very excited to now be associated with a brand new and superb Homewares company – Canvas Cloth and Bowl. This is an Australian owned and family run business which creates and sources art, textiles and homeware.

Of course there is nothing like seeing the artwork ‘in the flesh’ so to speak and in spaces where  you can visualise easily that piece of art in your home by seeing it in a cafe or restaurant where it can help to provide just the right ambience for a meal or quick coffee. As a member of the Lennox Arts Collective, I am excited to tell you that our work is now featured at Williams St Kitchen and Bar in Lennox Head. 


What about commissioning an artwork? Perhaps of the beach in pale blues and lemon yellows if you are adopting a coastal vibe? Or putting together a collection of smaller works and photos in a ‘gallery hang’?


Art in your Home - 'Gallery Hang'

Art in your Home – ‘Gallery Hang’

Queensland’s Art Gallery did a brilliant example of a ‘gallery or studio hang of artworks’ on one of their huge gallery walls, but it works just as well on a blank wall in your home.

Queensland Art Gallery Wall

Queensland Art Gallery Wall


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