Hello to everyone and welcome to the art in July roundup and thank you to those of you who sent me comments and encouragement while I was away overseas. It is great to get a response to my blog posts and to know that someone is feeling a bit inspired by the adventuring that has happened over the past two months. If you haven’t read about the art tours I led in England and France, you can read about them now! A couple of examples…….London, Port Isaac in Cornwall, Paris, etc….

Anyhow, I am back and ready to start up my art classes again. Wednesday 4th July is the first – so I’ll be at Lennox Arts Collective from 9.30 – 12.30, cost $35.00 – come along and have some creative fun with me! The next Saturday workshop is on the topic of creative Botanical Drawing and Painting on 7th July 9.30 – 3.30 – $70.00. There are still a few places available, but you do need to book with me – 0415230470 or christinereadart@hotmail.com.

In August I have a workshop on drawing and painting faces on Saturday, 4th August (bookings essential) and from 17th – 20th August a three day art retreat at beautiful Two Figs Retreat near Nimbin. Three days in which to paint, draw and explore an ecological property of 20 acres overlooking the Nightcap Ranges. Art classes, accommodation and main meals included. $700 – 745, depending on choice of accommodation.see last year’s fun here. 

Since I arrived home, somewhat bleary on Wednesday evening, I have been going through my travel diary and the many sketches I did on my journeying – as I always say to my students, a sketch done on site is worth so much more than a photo because while you were in place drawing and painting, you unconsciously took in the sights and sounds that surrounded you. I did one sketch in busy Paddington Station, London and saw the trains and the travellers come and go and chatted to a railwayman who was very pleased to have his photo taken! 

You might talk to people – they often talk to you – sometimes that can be challenging, but often it is very positive and children really love it and will chat endlessly and usually want to join in and paint with you. In the various accommodations on my travels I often set up a little studio – I took with me a light collapsible easel and a toilet bag of watercolour and gouache paints, black ink, black ink (gel) pen, water colour pencils and small brushes that hold water as well as collapsible water container and some normal hogs hair brushes. I also took a visual diary (A5) and some paper, but visited a few art stores and invariably bought something – including some hard to find tablets of square watercolour paper (at The London Graphic Centre near Covent Garden and the Sennelier Art Shop in Paris).

When I get a chance to pop down to Sydney again I intend to check out the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes and the joint exhibition at Manly Art Gallery with Luke Sciberras and Euan McLeod.

Hope to catch up with you soon!

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