Art History Course and other News November 2021

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Art History is one of my passions. I just love reading about artists from the past, the way they created their work and the circumstances of their lives that drove them to do so.

Art History
New online course about art history

Think of Vincent Van Gogh and his fragile mental state and then look at his magnificent artworks. Leonardo Da Vinci and his extraordinary brain – in him we have not only art history, but engineering history, even aviation history!

In my travels I have been lucky enough to visit some of the places and museums where famous artists lived or viewed their works in the original state.

New online Art History Course launched!

Art history is not just a dry and dusty subject, it tells us a lot about who we are and why we create the societies and civilisations that we do. So now, proudly, with my friend and assistant, Narelle Bretherton, there is now a course all about art history in my online Art School – Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine. We do some fun things like painting in the old style with egg tempera and show you how to do that yourself!

This week we launched Part one of the Fascination and Inspiration of Art History – Prehistory to the end of the 18th Century. As we move into 2022 we will add The Rise of Modernism, the Art of the 20th Century and Australian Art. Please check it out!

What about Workshops?

Of course the Face to Face sessions continue (and there is now space in my Wednesday morning classes 10 -1pm), so let me know if you would like to come along. I will put out my timetable for Saturday Workshops in the December Newsletter, but there are a couple more Saturdays – 13th November, Mixed Media and 11th December, Working with Acrylic and Gouache. In each of these there are now a couple of spots available due to cancellations. Let me know if you would like to come. See workshops here

We have just held our September studio weekend (in October, due to Covid delays) and had a great old time painting en plein air and inside the studio. I usually hold two per year. Check out the photos from last weekend!

Lennox Arts Collective

Art history aside, we have NEW art for you at our gallery in Lennox. Two new exhibitions in November!

Rhiannon Power – Ochre Series 5-18 November 2021

Rhiannon is an emerging contemporary Australian artist with a varied lived-experience from which she draws on to create her femininely charged anatomical botanical painted works. From her weave of trades including dance, acting, Traditional Chinese Medicine, women’s/birth-work and as a professional Muse, her art making practice is infused with themes about gender and healing told via a female charged language of botany and the body.

Our own Annual Christmas Gift Exhibition starts 10th December – lots of gifts under $300!


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