April Art Activities

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April Art Activities include…..

  • Art Retreat in the Kangaroo Valley
  • Bowral and the Olsen exhibition at Ngununggula
  • My ‘Points of View’ Exhibition opening in Sydney
  • Saturday Travel /Art Journal workshop places available 16th April
  • New online art class – How to: Painting Waves
River at Kangaroo Valley – work in progress after the art trip there!

Art Retreat in the Kangaroo Valley

It has been a really busy start to April – I am actually going to start with the art retreat I went ob with Artworkshops Australia and tutor Tim Allen which was actually right in the last week of March.

What a blast! We were incredibly lucky to have good weather for our 5 days there as on either side it rained, roads were blocked due to landslides and more flooding on the south coast.

However! we had a good time – morning lessons with Tim using mixed media and talking us through his processes. Afternoons in various areas with rocks, bridges and rivers to paint.

On our last day I chose to paint at a dam with amazing white trunked trees surrounding it. I had taken a large prepared canvas (painted a background on unstretched canvas then found the stiff cardboard I brunt as a backboard was not large enough, so ended up using the bonnet of my car to paint on!

Necessity IS the mother of invention!

Some views of our landscapes and of my paintings here……….

Bowral and the Olsen exhibition at Ngununggula

Following that it was a brief interlude in Bowral where I was lucky enough to be taken to both the Michael Reid Southern Highlands Gallery in Berrima and the most impressive and beautiful Ngununggula, a newly refurbished part of Retford Park which had a marvellous John Olsen EXhibition and a truly delicious restuarant.

My ‘Points of View’ Exhibition opening in Sydney

It was then back up to Sydney to prepare for my exhibition, ‘Points of View’ at the Community Bank in Darling Square. Opening was 6th April. Unfortunately this happened right when the rain started to pour down in Sydney, so it was incredibly difficult for people to get to the opening, but I was thrilled to see so many friends and family as well as my wonderful mentor, Nicole Kelly, who opened the exhibition. There were sales, too and the silent auction for ‘The Survivor’ is now past $750.00, so I am pleased with that. If you would like to bid for the painting, please send your bid to vinh@artshine.com.au

You can see the whole exhibition at this link on my website and let me know if you are interested in any of the displayed artwork.

Saturday Travel /Art Journal workshop places available 16th April

I am having one of my Saturday workshops this coming Saturday, 16th April (yes, it is Easter Saturday) its about Travel Diaries and Art Journaling. I keep lots of travel/visual diaries and am about to go off again to the UK. Here are some of my bits and pieces.

I have had some cancellations, so if you would like to come, send me an email christinereadart@hotmail.com It is 10 – 3pm $70 at Lennox Arts Collective 2/72 Ballina St Lennox Head.

Online Classes at Art, the Universe and Everything with Christine.

The latest class with discussion, demonstration and exercises is ‘How to Paint Waves’ and is a short course, inexpensively priced at $35.00, so give yourself a gift this April and learn more about painting waves at the beach! Here is the link to the class information

A snippet of the online class demonstration in How to: Painting Waves


  1. Alva

    Hi Christine, Thanks for the news. On a different note, I think the Design Museum London, of which we spoke at one time, has moved from 28 Shad Thames to Kensington High Street, near Kensington Park. I’m feeling nostalgic for London as today there was a show on TV about Fortnum and Masons.Love London.
    Cheers from Alva.

    • Christine Read

      Hi Alva,

      Yes, I believe you are right about the design museum – I will try to get there next week.Visited Fortnum and Masons and they have their Jubilee finery on!


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