I invite you to attend my upcoming exhibition “A Rich Tapestry”. A selection of new works which will be on show at the exhibition are displayed below…

The exhibition will run from 14th to 26th October at Breathing Colours Gallery, 446 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041. Drinks and nibbles are from 4-7pm on Saturday 18th October. All welcome!

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Upcoming Exhibition – “A Rich Tapestry”

  1. Hi Christine

    Thank you for the notice of your exhibition in Sydney. I had a look at your galleries. Wow! What beautiful work. Specially appealing are the flowers. I have been learning figures through life drawing, Dynamic Drawing at Scout Hall here each Friday morning.
    Nice to hear from you and imagine you beavering away up Ross Lane.
    Best wishes, Jude

    1. Hi Jude,
      Thank you for having a look – I do absolutely love flowers, fruit and foliage as subjects. Often think of the time I spent in your gorgeous garden! Saw you and Michel on Gardening Australia – well done and loved the thought that I lived there once. Great to hear about your drawing – keep it up!
      Regards, Christine

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