Texture and textural elements can ‘make’ an artwork! This weekend may have been the hottest of all time but some brave souls came to my workshop on texture and textural techniques last Saturday! They all deserve a gold star….

We experimented with impasto gels, moulding pastes and fine pumice gel on paper to get a different ‘feel’ to the work and a slightly 3D perspective as well as creating visual texture using design elements.

Visual texture is more about creating illusion – such as making your painted surface look like a shiny brass bowl or rough tree bark – lots of fun trying!

I am always impressed by the new creative thoughts that students bring to the class – you can see here what different and interesting ways they had of interpreting texture.

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Texture and textural techniques at LAC

  1. Thanks for an inspirational day talking about artists, making intuitive works and playing with texture. I had lots of things to think about my work and am inspired to do more with texture.

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