I enjoy running art workshops and I was asked by Tweed Unlimited Arts – Friday Group to run one on painting seascape and landscape. As these are two of my favourite subjects it was an absolute pleasure to drive up to Banora Point where this group has a brilliant venue with a large studio area, verandah and garden set on top of a hill with lovely views – we do live in a magnificent part of the world in northern NSW!

Seascape workshop in full swing
Seascape workshop in full swing
Great shore break reflected in a mirror!
Great shore break reflected in a mirror!








We started off talking about the basics and looking at work by artists with a different ‘take’ on these seascape and landscape – Whiteley, Olsen, Sciberras, Culliton, Turner and I brought along some of my work.

Things to think about when creating a landscape or a seascape as a painting or drawing – what is your principal object of interest? How will you make this the most important element?

Elements include the physical landforms – mountains, hill, lakes. rivers, the vegetation – trees, flowers, grasses, farmers field in rows of plantings, buildings, the light and the weather. In the sea – the movement of the water, its colour, the sky and it’s reflection, the beach, birds, boats etc.

Tips and tricks

  • What is my main subject matter?
  • Is this in the background, foreground or middle ground?
  • What time of day – where are the shadows?
  • What season – this will influence your colours.
  • Are you ‘leading’ the viewer into the picture – a path or diagonal lines can help here.
  • To get a feeling of distance, it can be useful to keep the background light, especially near the horizon and the foreground darker.
  • Objects in the foreground appear larger and bigger brush strokes can help to convey this.
  • Perspective is important, particularly in a ‘built’ environment.
  • Look for the shapes that make up the whole.
  • Consider negative space.

What a fabulous group they were and I was provided with a magnificent lunch on the verandah with a glass of wine!

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Seascape painting workshop

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