I am in Sydney at the moment and took the opportunity to visit the Lucy Culliton Exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery.

Called the ‘Eye of the Beholder, the art of Lucy Culliton’ it runs 20 September to 30 November – I was really impressed! I have admired Lucy’s work for some time – it’s rich in colour, texture and content. She tackles everything as a subject – flowers, landscapes, animals, locks, farm machinery, toilet rolls, knitted dolls…..Lucy says that she wants to make ordinary things look beautiful – and she does! There are so many paintings – right from her early years until the present. This is an opulent exhibition in its presentation and there is an underlying cheekiness and humour which is very endearing.

If you like Margaret Olley or William Robinson’s work I think you will love it. I came away with more ideas and fresh enthusiasm – one thing she reminded me of was the use of bright pink as underpainting, so I started to use it straight away!!

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