I am now back in London to do some grandmotherly duties with my beautiful new granddaughter, but the parents are doing so well that I still have time to explore (and they need their space). As a farewell from Essex last weekend, my kind relations took me off to brunch at ‘The Red Dog’ – yes, it is named after the film (which was brilliant but made me weep) and an Australian runs it – very good tucker anyway! And as I came back to London on the train, I passed the 2012 London Olympic park – who can believe we’ve had another Olympic Games since then? From the train it looks like it’s built in various shapes using twisted metal, but I am sure there is architectural merit somewhere…

Brunch at 'The Red Dog'
Brunch at ‘The Red Dog’
London Olympic Site
London Olympic Site from a fast moving train!
Night time London, with a row of Boris Bikes
Night time London, with a row of Boris Bikes










Aha! I learned a couple of fascinating pieces of information about London while visiting in Essex; the first is that the ‘sight lines’ of St Paul’s Cathedral are protected so that the iconic outline of Christopher Wren’s masterpiece can always be seen – there is a ‘you tube’ video which explains and demonstrates this very well – click here . The other fascinating fact was that there are large Green Parakeets living and thriving in London! I was shocked to see these birds living in the wild in London parks, especially in winter but apparently they have adapted almost too well – there is a post online that is quite interesting…click here 

I did walk up Primrose Hill and check out one of the sight lines – you can see St Paul’s and other iconic buildings very well on a clear day.

London Skyline from Primrose Hill
London Skyline from Primrose Hill

One of my favourite places to look at amazing art and objects is the Victoria and Albert Museum – it would take months to see everything there. This time I enjoyed the fashion display (no photos allowed), the sculpture hall and the Islamic section.

I have been enjoying the weather and the walks – probably covering about 10 km per day and it’s quite mild now – 6-14 deg Celsius. I’ve enjoyed re- exploring Oxford Circus and surrounding area, Carnaby St – so famous in the ‘swinging sixties’, did a great walk along Regent’s Canal into Primrose Hill and past London Zoo and through Regent’s Park to Baker St (home of Sherlock Holmes). Will be off to Cambridge next!

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