The Kamisaka Sekka Exhibition has been showing at the Art Gallery of NSW. He was one of the artists that brought into modern art the ‘Rinpo’ tradition in Japan. I attended twice – it was a real feast for the senses. The photo above shows the cafe at the gallery with the Sekka posters on the wall. I found the exhibition quite inspiring and started to look through some of my old designs and found that I had played around with some images that had a vaguely Japanese ‘feel’, particularly with leaves, trees and the colour palette. I intend to play much more with clean design and clear colour to explore this theme further.

Silk screen print using acrylic paint and fallen maple leaves as a stencil and as a block print

 Acrylic paint rolled onto paper with aqua colour pencil

 Oil paint monotype print and water pencil

 Oil paint blotted and water based pencil – images on right and below.


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Kamisaka Sekka and Japanese influence in decorative design.

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