So much has happened in February and March in the art studio and out of it! Hard to believe that we are already a quarter of the way through 2015. I have been working on a large oil painting and a large acrylic, both  additions to the Fragments of Memory series after I sold one of Varanasi to a customer in New York in December. I just had to replace it with another of that city on the holy Ganges and another of Kochi in Kerala and some beautiful Rajstani women – I love the light and colour in India and to try to recapture it in the studio.

I have run two workshops – the one in February on drawing and in March we had a lot of fun with the Pop Art workshop – have a look at some of the participant’s work:

I have had work in Breathing Colours Gallery, Balmain, for Sydney ART MONTH – Leichhardt Council joined in ‘LOST’ a series of participating art galleries and other events.

I am also working on some still life work, both in my usual impressionistic painting style, but am also doing more experimentation with work that has inspiration from the Japanese Rinpa tradition – I am incorporating drawing, gouache and gold in a series of botanical based works (Tread lightly on the planet….);

So, life is not dull! The next workshop will be on the colour BLUE – see the last post. Thats about it for what’s happening in the Art Studio – February and March.



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In the art studio – February and March 2015

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