IMG_3530Grayson Perry is having the first major survey of his work, ‘My Pretty Little Art Career’ at the Museum of Contemporary Arts at Circular Quay, Sydney until May 1st 2016. I was lucky enough to have a job to do in Sydney last weekend, chairing a conference and before returning home, took the opportunity to visit the exhibition. I have to warn you that it is ‘mind blowing’, I didn’t know a lot about him, but knew he was an eccentric, a subversive and witty. I was not disappointed. The first thing I saw was a magnificent cloak – one of his designs and beautiful large ceramic jars – superb in their technical artistry and challenging in the content of the decoration – much of it sexually explicit. There is a great video of the making of one of these jars – quite fascinating. There is also an interview on video where Grayson Perry discusses his work, his persona and his inspiration – well worth watching. I found the whole exhibition forceful but endearing – absolutely loved the detail in the Walthamstow Tapestry – every corporate purveyor of goods is noted and challenged…..Claire is his transvestite alter ego – he comments; ‘Putting on ridiculous clothes is a great source of pleasure for me, but has also become a very powerful tool for carving a place to stand in an increasingly crowded cultural landscape’. Grayson Perry has also been a TV star, winning two BAFTAS for his programmes that take the audience from inspiration to the finished creation. An amazing person and the exhibition is certainly worth seeing.




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Grayson Perry at the MCA

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