Workshop, Art Gallery NSW,
Liu Jianhua’s Container Installation 2009
Drawing, form and volume
Drawing cylindrical shapes
Graphite drawing, Liu Jianhua, AGNSW
My graphite drawing of detail of Liu Jianhua’s ‘Container series 2009’

Over the weekend, 17 and 18 October, I attended a drawing workshop on form and volume with Jennifer Keeler-Milne at the Art Gallery of NSW. What a treat that was! Ten others attended and our teacher was wonderful, thorough in teaching fundamental skills in producing convincing 3D images of spherical and cylindrical objects. As I have always been a freehand drawer, it was quite a challenge but absolutely worthy of taking the time and effort to get it right.

A new technique I learned over the weekend was to use graphite sticks on the ‘side’and felt that I came away with a whole new approach to my drawing skills which I am keen to develop.

It was also exciting for me to be taken upstairs to the gallery collection and to work in front of the wonderful works on display. On the first day I was part of the Margaret Preston group, nicknamed ‘Prestonites’ by Jennifer – we worked at copying in graphite, the spherical elements of one of her paintings.

On the second day we worked in the Asian Gallery and drew the wonderful ceramic vessels.

Jennifer was kind enough to give me her drawn examples to share with my group at Lennox Arts Collective, so if you want to do this with me, I will be running a Saturday workshop on this topic in 2016.





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