It is critically important to understand colour fundamentals if you want to try your hand at art making. Last Saturday I held the first of my Saturday workshops for the year 2018 and colour fundamentals was the topic and gaining some practice in putting this learning into play was the objective.

We worked with the colour wheel to look at primary colours, complementary colours (opposites on the colour wheel), harmonious colours as well as exploring ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours.

We looked at artwork by some of the masters and discussed how that influenced the mood of the work and how the artist may have deliberately tried to influence the emotions of the viewer in their colour choices.

The next Saturday Workshop is on 24th February the topic is another ‘fundamental’ area ‘Brushstroke Fundamentals’ – there are still a few places – if you want to book, please message me 0415230470 or

The full workshop timetable is on this link.

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