Lately I have been travelling a lot in association with my medical work and have had less time to paint and draw, but I have been in some amazing places where there is inspiration galore!

I was in Brussels for three days taking part in a conference and stayed in this hotel – Le Palace – it is a Crowne Plaza Hotel and was originally built in 1908. It is decorated in the style of Gustav Klimt, the Austrian artist so famous for paintings like ‘The Kiss’, semi abstract in a mosaic-like style and with much gold leaf.

The carpets, especially were fantastic – there are two views here of the lobby – the first looks to the back door and you can also see wrought iron tables, a gold leaf Art Nouveau clock and marble walls up to the dado.

On the right is the view to the front door and look at  the detail in the keystone of the arch below.


This magnificent carpet lined the hallway outside my room and at the end is a huge armchair with sinuously curved arms.

The restaurant is on the right and has marvellous wrought iron light fittings (below) – wouldn’t mind some myself! Loved the pattern these made on the ceiling.

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