Here is your Art Newsletter for October, so exciting to be welcoming in the spring and summer months – just an absolutely perfect time to create art. I love the brilliant light, clear skies and enthusiasm that come with this time of the year – not to mention beautiful beach days!

'Belongil' Commission Acrylic on poly cotton 1.52 x 1.52m
‘Belongil’ Commission Acrylic on poly cotton 1.52 x 1.52m

Talking about the beach and sunshine, I have had the pleasure of creating a large painting of the sea, sand and rocky shore for a lovely home on the Gold Coast, I mentioned it in my previous newsletter and I can now show you all as it is in its new home and the owners say they ‘love it!’ Extremely satisfying! I now have two more commissions to create and they will feature the beautiful waterways of south eastern Queensland.

My process for a commission is to talk in some detail with the people involved to get an idea of what they ‘see’ in their mind’s eye if they are after a particular scene. I then produce some miniatures which give them an idea of the work proposed and once we decide on the work, I take a deposit and start to paint in earnest!

Art Newsletter
Fabulous Aboriginal art in the entrance hallway at AGNSW

I visited Sydney last weekend and was lucky enough to find a workshop on the Saturday afternoon at the Art Gallery of NSW on portrait drawing. I am a member of the gallery and think my membership is extremely good value – I can use the members lounge and have a pleasant meal and glass of wine for lunch when in Sydney. There is a library containing many reference works, a magnificent magazine every month and a program of talks, workshops and more. And, as a country member, I get into the paid exhibitions for free!

Paintings by Marina Cruz in the exibition, Passion and Procession: art of the Philippines
Paintings by Marina Cruz in the exibition, Passion and Procession: art of the Philippines

I visited the Exhibition, “Passion and procession: the art of the Philippines’ and was most taken with a series of very large and detailed paintings of clothes by Marina Cruz – dresses worn by her family, worn and torn and depicting the fragility of life. Beautiful work and very moving.

So, the workshop was conducted by Mike Barnard, a finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize. He was a good teacher and took us through a variety of exercises starting with the structure of the eyes, nose and mouth and finally of the entire head/face in three quarter view. At the end we had 10 minutes to draw the person sitting opposite.

You may not realise it, but next week is national Bird Week and as I have painted, drawn and screen printed quite a few bird images over time, I was flattered to be asked to provide an artwork featuring birds for the opening at Heritage House in Bangalow which starts on 22nd October. There are bird walks and an art trail and a national bird counting event …. At home on our property we are extremely lucky to have many bird visitors and my husband often photographs them for me to paint (they generally move too fast and are too shy to make good ‘sitters’!) My work is below – I have painted the Whistling Ducks before but I just could not resist doing them again.

'When the Whistling Ducks come to our Place'
‘When the Whistling Ducks come to our Place’

News of the Lennox Arts Collective;

Student Exhibition opens 27th October 5pm and runs for 2 weeks

Exhibition ‘A Kaleidoscope of Colour’ by three of my students, Robyn Day, Michaela Murphy and Tricia Tait opens 10th November 5.30pm and runs until 23rd November.

Do come down to see them!

We also have our annual Christmas Exhibition by the members of the Lennox Arts Collective where prices are from $5 to $300.00 for the art on exhibition. Opens on 8th December and runs for 2 weeks.

My workshops and retreats;

I am off to Ubud, Bali for the Writer’s Festival next week, so there is no Wednesday class on 25th October. The next Saturday workshop on 11th November is fully subscribed at this stage, but there are still some spots on the 2nd December for the Still Life Workshop:

Saturday 2nd December – Painting Fruit, Flowers and Objects d’Art – Still Life.

Carved Head with Apples

Flowers, fruit and pretty objects have been the subject of many wonderful works of art. Colourful and interesting collections are often easy to find and arrange for your own ‘still life’. Come along and have a go – we can channel Margaret Olley or the masters of the ‘old world’ in a bright new way. At 2/72 Ballina St Lennox Head in the LAC. From 9.30 – 3.30pm, $60.00 and bring whatever art materials you have.

I have one more double room available in Provence for the French art retreat – suitable for a single or couple. More information here.

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