Hi there, I have decided that it is time to produce an art newsletter as I am having such interesting conversations with the participants in my workshops, other artists and friends. There is a lot happening in the art world and you might find it useful to be made aware of creative events and happenings that I come across. I also would like to let students and potential students know what happens after the workshop! If you have subscribed to ‘Contact Christine’ you will automatically get the Art Newsletter. I would also welcome comments, your art adventures and questions. I do, of course, reserve the right to decide on content and to edit if required.

Lets start with the current work being produced by my creative drawing class – I am so proud of them!

Interesting exhibitions on at Lismore Gallery at present with amazing wooden sculptural work by Rodney Glick – I went with friends and I have to say we were challenged to understand his take on people – the images are beautifully carved and painted representations, but with a twist – primarily religious and Indonesian source material – go and see what you think!

Magazines with interesting stories include the current edition (Issue 31) of Artist Profile – it features two of my favourite Australian artists, Luke Sciberras and Guy Maestri. Both paint plein air and seem to totally absorb their surroundings into their work, whether it be the bush or urban-scapes (I love Maestri’s panting of the railway – ‘East West Cutting’). Luke exhibited at Olsen Irwin Gallery in the past month – sadly I missed the opening (and exhibition) of Luke’s work because I was overseas, but he has new work including that created as one of the invited artists to document Gallipoli for the Centenary. I attended one of Luke’s workshops last year and learned a great deal and had great fun (and bought a painting). Maestri’s new work will be on display 26 August to 13 September and I hope to get to Sydney to have a look.

A local exhibition to put into your diary is ‘Metalust’ a new works exhibition by the jewellery and metal collective, ‘Hammer and Hand’ it opens 5-8pm 31 July at 4 Ti Tree Place at the Arts and Industry Estate, Byron Bay.

Have a job to do in Brisbane this weekend, so hoping to get time to check out what is happening in the Southbank galleries!




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