On Thursday I zipped up to Bundaberg in Queensland to facilitate an art journal workshop.This was held at Art Plus in Electra St with the lovely Marlies who has lots of energy and ideas.

Art Journal Workshop
Art Journal Workshop

I found Bundaberg to be a well set out city and I learned it was the birthplace of Bert Hinkler, the first aviator to fly solo from Great Britain to Australia – just imagine the time it took and imagine setting off into the unknown like that! Sadly he was accidentally killed on his last flight to Australia. I came across his memorial in the main square.

The ladies who came to the workshop were full of enthusiasm and ideas – have a look at their work and maybe take away some ideas yourself for an art journal. I use mine as a diary, recording special events, as a visual diary, as a ‘mood board’, as a way of challenging myself to think outside the square’ articically. I have used it as a way of dealing with emotion, as a help in making life changing decisions and of course to just play with colours, ideas and to make pretty pictures!

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Art Journal Workshop, Bundaberg

  1. Glad your workshop was such fun and worthwhile. The photos are really interesting. Great technique for art therapy. We were in the LAC this morning enjoying your paintings.

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